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Image of the Platter

11 artworks from the years 1300 - 1900 displaying Platter were assembled automatically by AI computer vision. The generated exhibition was selected from a collection of 196 116 artworks from 91 museums in Austria, Bavaria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia in 0.20066sec.

Data & History

The histogram shows the quotient of images with Platter in relation to the total number of images in the database.

Platter: 11 artworks


Room I. 1600 - 1650

Stilleben mit Früchten, Weinglas und Blumenvase
Isaak Soreau (?)
between 1630 and 1635
Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
Platter: 49.0%

Room II. 1700 - 1750

Návrh na výzdobu kupolovitého stropu v kaplnke
Picart, Bernard, Brun, Charles le
Galéria mesta Bratislavy
Platter: 76.0%

Room III. 1750 - 1800

Auferstehung Christi (Entwurf für ein Deckenbild)
Martin Knoller (Steinach am Brenner 1725 - 1804 Mailand)
Albertina Wien
Platter: 73.0%

Polygamia a Poctivosť
Delafosse, Jean Charles
between 1750 and 1780
Slovenská národná galéria
Platter: 51.0%

Room IV. 1800 - 1850

Kaiser Napoleon im Strahlenkranz
Laurent Dabos
Neue Pinakothek, München
Platter: 81.0%

Kleines Mädchen in rosa Kleid mit gelber Halskette
Frédéric Millet (Charlieu 1786 - 1859 Paris)
Albertina Wien
Platter: 56.00000000000001%

Room V. 1850 - 1900

Friese, d.A.
Liptovská galéria Petra Michala Bohúňa
Platter: 64.0%

Návrh na tanier
Fadrusz, Ján
Galéria mesta Bratislavy
Platter: 61.0%

Návrh na tanier
Fadrusz, Ján
Galéria mesta Bratislavy
Platter: 59.0%

Preiselbeeren, Pilze und Moos
Marie Lippert-Hoerner (Wien 1860 - 1932 Wien)
Albertina Wien
Platter: 45.0%

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